It has high air cleaning capacity thanks to the latest technology, high energy efficiency EC fan inside. In this way, it provides excellent air cleaning even in large and crowded environments. Moreover, it has the largest HEPA Filter surface area in its class.

5 Yıl Garanti ve Hepa Filtre

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How It Works?

G4* pre-filter, VOC, Formaldehyde are used to capture large particles, Active Carbon Filter to keep bad odors and H14* class HEPA Filter to filter very small particles such as PM1.

How It Works? Boa Air

*Filter efficiency class according to EN 1822 standard.


Air Volume max. 3000 m³/h
Dimensions 785 x 700 x 1520 mm
EC Fan 1P/230 V – 50 Hz – EC Fan
Electrical Consumption min. 25 W.h / max. 540 W.h
Sound Level  min. <38 dB(A) / max. 52 dB(A)
Pre-filter G4 Filter
Active Carbon Filter Active 96 Filter
HEPA Filter H14 HEPA Filter

Class G4 Pre-filter Boa-Air | Air Purifier for Large Spaces

Class G4 Pre-filter

Class G4 pre-filters keep coarse particles, increasing the working efficiency of the active carbon filter and extending the life of the HEPA filter.

Active Carbon Filter Boa-Air | Air Purifier for Large Spaces

Active Carbon Filter

Active carbon filters trap VOC, formaldehydes and bad odors. The amount and property of Active carbon granules are important.

H14 Class HEPA Filter Boa-Air | Air Purifier for Large Spaces

H14 Class HEPA Filter

H14 class HEPA Filters capture and contain PM1 particles, viruses and bacteria with an efficiency of 99.995%.

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